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July 31, 2015

Japanese astronaut Kimiya Yui in Space


 Japanese astronaut Kimiya Yui has begun his  mission on the International Space Station(ISS). Yui from Japan's space agency, JAXA, entered the station shortly before 5:00 Thursday UTC (This use to be called GMT).

Yui is a former Air Force pilot and Japan's 10th astronaut in space(who was the first?). He will conduct many experiments during his five-month stay at the space station.

 A   Japanese cargo vehicle, the Kounotori, is scheduled to arrive at the space station in August. Yui will operate a robotic arm to help the vehicle dock to the ISS. Fellow Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata will be at the ground control center in Tanegashima.

* The 1st Japanese astronaut was Mamoru 'Mark' Mori!

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