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January 2, 2014

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年齢 25歳
趣味 ビデオゲーム、スポーツ、アウトドア

Hello everyone.
My name is Patrick and I am from canada and I am joining this contest on part of the MSE website.
Now a little back story on why I wanted to be an English teacher.
It’s basically when I was in my high school year. There was an English teacher of mine that had a passion for his job.
And his familly was rich and he was traveling the world and every year when he would come back to us. He would have picture of this country and he would tell us stories about this country. His passion is basically every year he comes back and a smile everyday on his face and he is learning things from his student and he is teaching. For him that was the perfect world. And I came to understand that it was the perfect world for me as well. So, I decided to do this job as well, because
I have the same passion for it. Basically, I might teach you a language and you might think OH he is the teacher. Well inmy head you guys depending if I am in a class or teaching a single person online. You are also a teacher for me.
Because depending on your field of expertise or area of work or the fact you are a student or you like to travel. All those elements put together. You are making me learn something new everyday, I feel like it. And I am making you learn something new every day. So it’s kinda give and give situation for me and that’s good. Now, of course money is important,in life.But to me this is not the main reason why I am doing this job. I am doing it because I like the satisfactionit gives me, when my student comes to me and he is like <> Or your lesson was very helpful.
And just write me a comment overall, I really enjoy that. So, this is the main reason, why I started to be an English teacher.
The second reason is mostly personal; it’s more because I can travel. And basically everywhere in the world they are in high demands for English teacher. And, to me learning something new is important, so. In the future I might go toa country like Spain or maybe Japan or Korea and I will learn something new every day there as well. Because of courseif you go to the same place 2 or 3 times, you get to know what you are gonna see and what you are gonna hear and howpeople live. But, for me history and English teaching are both very important things to me. And this is basically my
passion that I share with you guys. So I hope to see you all for a lesson and I am sure we are gonna enjoy a very good time.
I am really relaxed and I am a very fun teacher to have around. So everybody take care.


こんにちはマイスカイイングリッシュの カナダのモントリオール出身のPATRICK25歳です。僕が英語の教師になろうと思った理由は、実は高校時代の英語(国語)の先生の影響です。高校時 代、この素晴らしい先生と家族ははとてもお金持ちでしたので、生活のために英語を教えているわけではありませんでした。夏になるといつも世界中を旅行し、 素晴らしい海外の写真やビデオ撮って帰ってきては僕に見せてくれ、わくわくするような経験を話して聞かせてくれました。この先生は自分の情熱のために英語 を世界の人に教えていられて、僕は大変感銘を受け、先生のように情熱を持って教える英語の先生になって世界中を回りたいと思いました。
僕の理想の教師像は、生徒を単に英語を教えてあげる生徒と考えずに、ともに学び成長していく先生だとも考えて尊重を持って接するような先生です。なぜな ら、誰にとっても毎日新しいことを学ぶことは重要で、先生にとっても教えることで、生徒から多くの事を学ぶことができるからです。生徒と先生はともに刺激 し合って、成長していくと考えています。特に英語では僕が先生ですが、生徒さんは学生さんでもサラリーマンでも主婦の方も研究者の方はもちろん、何か必ず 僕の知らない事をご存知なので、英語を通して互いに新しいことを学ぶことができます。


カナダ モントリオール ケベック出身在住ですので英語&フランス語ともにネイティブです。本物の聞き取りやすい美しい英語をお聞きください。フレ ンドリーで話し好きな話題の多い熱血タイプの先生ですので、女性、男性を問わず、また中級レベルの子供さんにも大人気です。初心者向きの先生ではありませ んが、少し話せるレベルでしたら大丈夫です。日常生活 ビデオゲーム 政治 経済 自然 動物 特にITやPCに詳しい先生です。日本に来日して英会話ス クールの先生の経験がありますの

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