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March 1, 2012

HOW do you handle life when you are sick?

In the work place this is something that every Company needs to deal with on a daily basis.

So first questions to consider :

I. When is a worker too sick to do their work?

2. How long will the worker be ill?

3. Does the Company require a Drs note for to validate an illness or a short term absence?

4. What is the suggestion for the employee that the Dr has stated.

5. Loss of revenue due to the illness and time away from work.


I have worked in administration as well as being an employee and also self employed and in all areas it is difficult when a person is ill.


So first question do you want the employee to bring the virus or bactaria into the work place and affect other workers?

Second can the person work modified hours for a speedy return to work as this is a benefit to both parties involved.


When a person is ill they did not choose to be ill in the first place as it is a loss of income for the employee that puts their lifestyle in a crunch. The person is not able to pay for their monthly expenses.


So yes time off work is inconviences the Company but a person is just more than an employee and should be treated with respect.


if the person is a Mother and caring for children it is possible that the illness of a child affects their ability to work. Many households can not pay for a private nanny or nurse to come in and watch the children. If the child goes to day care they will not be allowed in the classes until they are healthy.


So in the long run , rest medication and staying off of work , the person recovers much quicker and wishes to return to work.

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