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March 2, 2012

DAY6 - Playing video games outdoors.

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One day, I was playing video games with my friends.

But my mother said "Why don't you play outside? Don't stay in a hause".

It was the beautiful weather and my mother seemed to want us to go out.

Half an hour later, I took my football and went to the park nearby with my friends.

But, unfortunately, there was a big signboard, and it said a message "NO BALL GAMES!" in big letters. It was so bad.

A little later, we decided to play at street, and started playing football game on the street.

A car came and a driver shouted "Move out of the way!". He was angry.

We confused what to do.

The next day, we brought our portable game players to the park.

We were playing video games in the park.

We enjoyed that game and I felt it was a good idea.

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