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June 3, 2012

Miami is...

Fun! First and foremost, Miami is a fun city! Because we can go to the beach almost any time, Miami is really a beach town. For me, it takes me 30 minutes to get to the beach with no traffic. With traffic... well, let's just hope there is no traffic.


The beach I think is definately the best part about Miami! I don't go to the beach so often because I live 30 minuties away, but when I do go, I usually go with my friends or family, and it is a lot of fun! Miami is usually hot all year long. Recenlty, due to Global Warming, the winters in Miami have been getting colder and colder... but for the most part Miami is unbearably hot, and we only have one season... summer pisces


Miami is fun, but it's also kind of scary. The reason being that because Miami is a beach town, a lot of people come here just for the beach. For example during Spring Break people come down to Miami to party, and because it's not where they live they just go crazy and don't care about anything. They are loud and rude, and cause problems, mostly on the beach. Don't get me wrong, a lot of the people that live here are just like that all the time as well, but it doesn't help having more of these individuals than necessary... as critical as that may sound. 


On another note, Miami is also really cool because it has a lot of different types of people. There is a large hispanic, mainly Cuban, population in Miami, but there are also a lot of people from different hispanic countries, and some people from non-hispanic countries! This is why they call Miami the "Metling Pot." 


All in all, Miami is a pretty cool place- or rather, really hot place- lol 

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