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June 21, 2012


I started a diet! I say it's starting a diet, but really I'm trying to eat healthier and do more exercise. I signed up to become a member at the gym close to where I live. I love that gym! It is so awesome! It is really big, and it has a lot of classes like Kickboxing, and Zumba, and lots of different types of classes! happy01


I really enjoy going to the gym! I also enjoy looking up information about food and nutrition. The only problem is that there is so much inforamtion about food, and nutrition that it is hard to decide which source to trust. While there is a lot of information that is backed up by scientific studies that say that fat in the diet is bad for you- what if all those people were wrong? What if all those people were lying to you for thier own interests? These are the questions that come to mind when watching the documentary "Fat Head." This documentary is a parody of the immensly popular "Super Size Me" Documentary. This Documentary, "Fat Head," talks about the fact that there are a lot of discrepanices in the "Super Size Me" documentary. I find it really really interesting to watch the outcome of the experiment.


If you are interested in nutrition, and about the possible reason behind American's growing waistlines, I highly suggest watching the "Fat Head" documentary- oh yeah, you also might just learn some English! happy01

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