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August 3, 2012

School is starting!

I can't believe it is already August! From the 20th I will be starting classes again! I am excited to take classes this year, as this will be my last year as a student! happy01


Once I am doen with classes this year, I will be able to work on going back to Japan hopefully next year in the Fall! shine


I am also excited because this month my friends come back from Japan! While I was in Japan, some of my friends also went to Japan to study abroad, but when I came back, they stayed in Japan crying


But my friends will come back really soon! One of my friends will come back in 4 days, two more of my friends in one week, and then another friend comes back in nearly two weeks!sandclock


I'm super excited to meet up with them and talk with them about their experiences in Japan! I'm also really excited to study Japanese with them! When I get together with two of my friends (I'll call them G. and L.) we can't help but study Japanese! heart04


I am also looking forward to on of my friends coming back from China! I'm looking forward to playing tennis when my friends get back! tennis

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