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September 19, 2012

Autumn on the Way


Autumn-Fall Season


So what do I say about Autumn? This is my first experience of autumn in another country, well this is my first actual autumn experience. I came from a tropical country, and when we say tropical it's mostly dry and rainy season. The heat and humidity is almost at 35 to 36 degrees at a normal day. And during the rainy or wet season the temperature is probably at just 25 to 26 degrees which is still not that cold enough. 

As autumn here in England is about to start I can feel the nippiness of the weather, although I was here last summer, this weather right now is still different. The wind is cold and night time comes early unlike during the summer that night falls quite late, somewhat like 9pm or 10pm. 
Since I'm new to this weather, and is new to this country, I still don't know on what sort of activities that you during the autumn season, well except for grabbing a coffee down Starbucks, or shopping down the high street or maybe a little walk down the Promenade.

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