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September 30, 2012

Reading Enhances Your Knowledge

Read, Lead, Succeed.


Reading is one of my favorite hobby ever since I was a kid. Just the thought of reading makes me feel so excited about it. My mum taught me to read, and because of her I can consider myself as a very good reader. Well not just reading a book by the means of reading it, but also it is important to understand on what is inside it. A book is like a jewelry, you are not going to buy it if you're not going to wear it -- so you know when you go to a bookstore, look for a book and when you got that book that entices your desire and actually excites you, then that's it.
Having a book or reading a book is like an addiction. When we say addiction, it's not the addiction that is in a bad way. Addiction in  a good way. A book that you like to read always gives you lots of information, sometimes it makes your mind go and think further, it makes you imaginative. It brings you to fairyland. It even encourages you to dream more.
Do you remember when your mum or dad always tells you, instead of playing the computer, why don't you read your books or do your assignments?! Yes, I have also experienced that. And I'm glad that I have a strict parents and I end up finishing my university and well have achieved my dreams, and also to the point that I end up not dumb or stupid. [I don't mean it in a wrong way]
So what are the things that you can get from reading?
(1) It sharpens your thought
(2) It enhances your vocabulary skills
(3) It gives you an idea of what the thought of the publisher is
(4) It helps you enhance your grammar and English skills
(5) It enhances your knowledge 
So those are the few of the many things that you will get from reading a book, a magazine or even a novel. Trust me, reading is a really good past time, plus the fact that it sharpens your mind and brings you to so many places :)
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