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January 22, 2013

What is a resolution and What effect does it have on a person.


A resolution is a reason or change in someones life either a new choice or path that you choose to make in your life. These are moments of reflection and when and why they take place is individual .

To quote Wikipeidia

New Year's resolution is a commitment that a person makes to one or more personal goals, projects, or the reforming of a habit. A key element to a New Year's resolution that sets it apart from other resolutions is that it is made in anticipation of the New Year and new beginnings. People committing themselves to a New Year's resolution generally plan to do so for the whole following year. This lifestyle change is generally interpreted as advantageous.


Excellent choice of words and what it means in each person life takes on personal meaning or goals , either short term or long terms goals.


The most popular resolutions might be:


  • Improve physical well-being: eat healthy food, lose weightexercise more, eat better, drink less alcoholquit smoking, stopbiting nails, get rid of old bad habits
  • Improve mental well-being; think positive, laugh more often, enjoy life
  • Improve finances: get out of debt, save money, make small investments
  • Improve career: perform better at current job, get a better job, establish own business
  • Improve education: improve grades, get a better education, learn something new (such as a foreign language or music), study often, read more books, improve talents
  • Improve self: become more organized, reduce stress, be less grumpymanage time, be more independent, perhaps watch less television, play fewer sitting-down video games
  • Take a trip
  • Volunteer to help others, practice life skills, use civic virtue, give to charity, volunteer to work part time in a charity organization (NGO)
  • Get along better with people, improve social skills, enhance social intelligence
  • Make new friends
  • Spend quality time with family members
  • Settle down, get engaged/get married, have kids
  • Try foreign foods, discovering new cultures
  • Pray more, be closer to God, be more spiritual


My personal goals are long term are the following :


1. To be more physically active taking time away from the computer for blocks of time each day.

2. To eat more fruits and vegetables each day and to sit down and actually enjoy food.

3. Stop eating at my desk.

4. Show my partner how important he is to my life.

5. Keep learning each and everyday something new.


What are your resolutions.. share with me in your next class.

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