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November 4, 2011

Making your PLE

Making the Most of Personal Learning Environment (PLE)


Questions for discussion:

1. What are the different things you do to learn or practice English?

2. What aspect of English would you most like to improve?

3. What do you find are the best online resources for studying English?

Answers to these questions will be your PLE.


Phrasal Verbs:


to be keen to do something - if you are keen to do something, it means you want to do it very much or

are very interested in it;

Ex.: “Young people who are keen to get into advertising should talk to different people in the field and develop their creative skills.”


Add your own sentences with this expression in the comments.


Note if you want to make good progress, so lets look at some ideas to make the most of your personal learning.


Let’s start with goals. Now, I went on a lot about goals and how to achieve them. 

To go on about something – to talk a lot, even too much, about something;

Ex.: “Jenny  dislikes staff meetings because her manager always goes on about a lack of morale.”


Anyone remember what makes a good goal? Right?

Well, in case you don’t recall, let me jog your memory:

To jog someone’s memory – to make someone remember something;

Ex.:  “Seeing the old photos jogged my memory of my years in Amsterdam.”


goals should be SMART.

That’s S-M-A-R-T. And what do those letters stand for?

S is for specific.

M is for measurable.

A is for attainable. (the highest pitch of perfection attainable — высшая степень)

R is for relevant.And

T is for time-sensitive.

 So make your goals specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

If you do, they’re SMART goals.

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