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July 22, 2014

Free E-books - British Council list

British Council Ukraine has compiled a list of libraries with a huge number of artistic, scientific, historical and fiction literature that can be read online or download for free access. I would like to share this with You my friends!


1. The New York Public Library: more than 1000 free books in different formats - 

2. Project Gutenberg: more than 33 000 free E-Books to download or read online -

3. Google Books: in search chose ‘full preview books’, and if book is not protected by IPR you can access it-

4. University of Pennsylvania Books Page: more than a million of FREE resources to download! -

5. Open Library: selection of classical literature -

6. eBooks at Adelaide: Online Library of the University of Adelaide offers classic, scientific publications, philosophy, and even medicine! -

7. Bartleby: Free Encyclopedia of World History + Harvard Classics -

8. Bibliomania: offers 2000 free scientific documents, including scientific papers-

9. Internet Archive: grand media library for students, historians, researchers and the general public -

10. ManyBooks: Another great collection of free literature -


Enjoy guys and let me know if you have started reading some interesting book!free


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