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September 8, 2011

Seasons by the calendar

Depending on the part of the world you call home there are many interesting changes happening each and every day.

It could be a change because of the news and the country where you live or a regional disaster when this happens how do you react.


Just as today the weather is cool and it has been raining all day , do you fret do you feel down or blue because of it..

You can not  fight the is just not part of our control as humans.


What do I do such as on a day like this.. Well first I looked after a job within the house that I have been putting off ...organization.

No one likes to do it..sorting out your closet ..of clothes you have not worn in the past season and to make ready for the next.

As a woman how can I wear some of the summer dresses I bought , well you can add a lovely tee or shirt under or a light sweater..

Or on top a sweater or a jacket in another colour that completes the outfit with a new look.

Clothes are an investment ..


So when I choose clothes I choose classic styles..

But a few pieces that are current of the colour that is in style..


Or maybe a new necklace or belt ..can change the look..

A new pair of shoes..or stockings.. tights..


Look at the change of season as an adventure..


Also for me today it is cooking a warm home cooked meal..complete with a home made bread.

Use products that are convienient if you are short of time and add to the package with veggies or meat.

A spice can add flavour..

Be inventive.

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Boom sahkalaka boom boom, problem solved.

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