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September 30, 2011

Canada is a land of many cultures and diversity

I am very proud of my heritage to call myself a Canadian, as we are a people that have many different faces. We are all colours and races from all nation that choose to call Canada their home. The only thing I feel that is important when you come to a new land and one day call it your own, is the differences and difficulties one feels in their native homeland becomes baggage with you when you come to our shores. What I mean by that , you will share home with people that you might have hostile feelings in your old land, but one must learn diversity. To accept our neighbours and learn before we judge. I mean that by learning about a different faith and religion and culture you open yourself up to be enriched in areas you will come away with a good feeling. The other person too learns about you and your culture and what is special you are sharing and communicating. I am of German, Irish and English background a very difficult combination at times but that is part of who I am . My grandparents or great parents came to this land to seek freedom and to start a new life. I was born here but have had the ability to travel and to go to school in Europe it was a very special time in my life. Each culture has festivals that happen for people to share and celebrate. In another week it will be at Church the harvest home festival which celebrates bringing in the crops and blessing the crops for a good year. It will also be Thanksgiving and that is a very special time for family and friends to celebrate and give thanks. Tell me is there any upcoming Celebrations in Japan ?

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