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October 13, 2011

October October...

Greetings MySkypEnglish Students, It's October and there are quite a handful of activities during this month especially the popular event known as Halloween! Have any of you all thought about what you will wear for this event (like what kind of costume)? Are you going out for Halloween or are you staying home? Will you be decorating your apartment/dormitory/house with scary things? Will you be opening your doors for trick or treat? Anyways, I just wanted to keep in touch with you all and see what's up! -William Yang MySkypeEnglish Teacher

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Hi William, Thank you for your blog. I was wondering if you are still busy for MA thesis. I hope you enjoy Halloween night and have some time to open slots for myskype English students.I have also been busy to teach at univ. and prepare for GloCall 2011 presentation.i have only 10 days left. Hope to talk to you soon.
Hey Mayu, you are welcome =) I hope this stimulates some thoughts or something. I'm still busy with school but I'm not busy with a MA thesis. I'm still trying to get my BS so I can't even get an MA yet. I'll try to open some time slots when I have time and good luck with your GloCall 2011 Presentation! I would love to see the presentation if possible!

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