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October 16, 2011

Painting a picture with words

Think for a moment and close your eyes and think of a scene or place where you like to go by yourself or with your family. By going there in your mind its like you are really there to experience again that time. You can almost hear the sounds or smells and even more let yourself experience the feelings of that moment. I call a certain place "My Happy Place" You ask where that is.. It is a park I enjoy going to and walking along the river there are places to sit and just watch the river slowly flow by . You hear the ducks and geese as they splash about in the water. I can go close to the rivers edge and if I wish take off my shoes and socks and feel the coolness of the water. I can feed the ducks pieces of bread and see the fish also come up to the surface of the water too. If I stand on the bridge I can look down and see the river bed and the fish swimming in small schools. The weather is changing yesterday it was cold and windy and hard to be outside in the morning but by the afternoon the weather had cleared. The sun streamed through the clouds and their was a rainbow. I wished I had a camera but your mind is a camera and records all kinds of adventures and themes if you let it. Let your mind be open, do not cloud it all the time with business but appreciate nature and the day.

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Gee whiz, and I toguhht this would be hard to find out.
Adelaide , thanks so much for stopping by my blog and reading my thoughts and words. What have you discovered about life in Canada? I do hope we have a chance to talk further at another time.

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