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November 15, 2011

Staying motivated to learn a new language!

Learning a new language can be frustrating (hard; difficult; not easy).  We may have many reasons for wanting to learn a new language or it may be just for fun.  There are some strategies (helpful tips; ways) that can help keep you motivated to learn a new language:


*Remember to think about what is your purpose (reason) for wanting to learn a new language:

          -Is it for more job opportunities?

          -Is it for a recent promotion?

          -Is it because your job requires it?

          -Is it for travel, vacation or studying abroad?

          -Is it for fun or a hobby?

          -Is it to challenge yourself with a new activity?

          -Is it because you want to teach your children a new language or have them learn as well?


Keep those reasons in mind as you take your lessons in learning a new language.  Remember your purpose and goal for learning.  This will help you stay focused and continue to want to learn a new language.


*Another helpful hint is to know how do you learn best:

          -Do you learn by reading a lot?

          -Do you like to read textbooks, articles or worksheets?

          -Do you learn by writing?

          -Do you learn by listening?

          -Do you learn by conversation?

          -What interests you?

          -Do you like to know more about current events?

          -What subjects do you like to talk about or learn more about?


Understanding and knowing how you like to learn is helpful for the teacher and student in teaching you a new language.  It will help keep you interested and wanting to learn more.


*And lastly, remember it is challenging (hard) for many to learn a new language.  Keep it fun and enjoyable in the learning process.


Take Care Melissa! :)




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