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November 28, 2011

JESSE講師(TESOL 資格保持者)がたくさんレッスンをOPENしました。


JESSE講師(TESOL 資格保持者:Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.英語を第2言語として外国人に教える資格)がたくさんレッスンをOPENしました。JESSE講師(TESOL 資格保持者)がたくさんレッスンをOPENしました。大変評判のよい、美しいCNNのアナウンサーのような英語を話し、大変やわかりやすく熱心に教えます。


What is TESOL?  TESOLって何?

This question is probably the one we find we are asked the most frequently. The use of the acronyms below (amongst others) can be somewhat confusing, especially as they are often used interchangeably. The list of definitions below should, hopefully, clarify their meanings:

  • TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. This term theoretically encompasses both TEFL and TESL. 英語を第2言語として外国人に教える資格

  • TEFL - Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This term is most often used when English is being taught in a country where it is not the native language (teaching English to Spanish people in Spain, for example).

  • 英語を外国語として外国人に教える資格

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