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December 2, 2011

December 2011

December 2011


It is the last month of the year sometimes we feel a sense of joy and also a sense of loss.

Why do you ask why there is a sense of joy and also loss?

In the Christian calendar it is a time of celebration for Christmas and also the New Year.

In Jewish faith , it s Chanukah is December 21st -29th

It is a special time of year, In the Buddist faith, are there any celebrations during this time?


Why is there a sense of loss ? If there has been a change in family dynamics during the year

such as a death of family member or divorce or dysfunction in the family. This causes a rift

and change in the family dynamics it is not the way it was or will ever be.


The calendar says this is a happy time ,but for some people the holidays are a

very sad time.

So what can one do to survive the holidays?

You make your own traditions and start by re evaluating your thoughts and beliefs

of what is important to you and making new traditions.

Life goes on if we like it or not and it is up to us to make that transistion.


In Canada we are gearing up for a very long hard cold winter and many people

feel sad of the days being shorter and cold and mobilty something of a concern.

Walking for those with mobility problems or using a wheel chair or scooter

become house bound ..its life in Canada


On the bright note the world during winter is at rest snow can be beautiful ,

unless you have to shovel..

Last year in one week we had four feet of snow seven days..

So in winter we snuggle in for days at a time ...and some times we

do not emerge till spring when we see our neighbours.


Tell me about life in Japan as the Winter season comes about?

What are your joys...what makes you sad?


I look forward to our lessons..

Life is a learning lesson ..for both of us..

Student and Teacher that never ends

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