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December 17, 2011

Winter in Canada

Winter in Canada is a very exciting season as part of being Canadian is enjoying the winter and all the fun activities.

In many towns and cities across Canada there are many activities to share with your family small children or teenagers.

Early children are eager for the first snow put on their new boots and winter clothes and grab their toboggan or sleigh and head out to the and go out to the hills to slide down ..weee weee you hear the laughter and giggles of the children.

Parents going along an share in the fun of watching the children and participating and remembering the fun from their own childhood.


Building snowman is another activity for children of all ages or making a snow fort or igloos..

A friendly snow ball fight two three splat your it..


Going to the arena and putting a pair of skates..or when the pond freezes over ..or an ice rink in the back yard..

Playing hockey is one of our national past times..


Grab the skis and head to the slopes does not matter your ability their are hills for those that dont ski well and also the fun of learning a new skill..

Go cross country skiing is another great past time to follow the trails and see the winter wild life and if you are very quiet see the birds and the rabbits..

If you are gifted and know about nature seeing the tracks in the snow..


Some families actually go camping in the winter time..and like snow mobiles and go out for the day..


A friend of mine likes to go out ice fishing and spend the day in a hut on the lake...You never know what kind of luck you will have..


These are just some of the activities await Canadians ...we have the winter wonderland ..just outside our back door.


What are some of the activities your family particpate in? I would love to hear about them


The best part about winter is coming inside where it is warm and sitting beside the fire place and enjoying a hot cup of steaming chocolate.

Being blessed with having a family.

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