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January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

A very Happy New Year to all my students and my future students, It is a pleasure to be your Teacher.


In Canada the tradition varies for bringing in the New Year, celebrating at home or at a New Years Eve Dance,or at home watching the TV and waiting for the stroke of midnight and watching th "Ball Drop" in Times Square in New York City.


That is excatly what I did with My husband, I prepared several dishes of food that were easy to share , shrimp and sauce, dips with vegetables and fruit and several Asian style dumplings with sauce. Very tasty and as we watched a movie together..we ate and shared stories of the past year.


As New Year approached and the count down till midnight I held him tight in my arms we wished each other a safe and prosperous New Year. We clinked glasses of  bubbly wine and shared a sip or two.


The custom in Spain as the minutes countdown ..it is to eat 12 grapes in the two minutes before midnight to do this is ask for a prosperous New Year.

What are the customs in Japan?


Take care ..Lets chat and share this Coming Year.

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