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February 28, 2012

DAY2 - Old Grandma and Cell Phone

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One day, my family had a family re-union because it was my grandmother's birthday.
I bought a cell phone for her.
However, unfortunately, she said she couldn't use the cell phone because it was too complex for her. She said it's difficult for her to memorize cell phone usage.
She put it into drawers.
But two weeks later, when she went on a hiking to the mountains, her friend was injured.
She thought that she needed to learn how to use cell phone to do emergency call.
She memorized how to call soon.
A month later, her friend was hurt again in the mountain but my grandmother called to emergency service office immediately.
She said she was satisfied with the cell phone. I was glad to hear that.
I'm hoping my grandmother never use the cell phone to call the emergency office to ask them to help her.

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