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February 28, 2012

DAY3 - Job Hunting

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One day, I attended a job-hunting event.
But I was very panicked because there were lots of students looking for a job.
I thought I might get no chance of taking a job.
A few days later, I managed my schedule to attend job fairs or take entrance examinations to companies, almost all days.
After that, I was very busy to join my class for almost a month.
I missed a lot of classes.
I wasn't aware that a professor who supervised me worried about me.
He asked my friend about me and she told the professor that I was busy job-hunting these days.
Four month later, I was called by the professor.
I got nervous about that because he gave me an advice that I might not be able to graduate because of my assignment.
I think I should've gotten all credits for graduation before I started job-hunting.

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