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February 28, 2012

DAY4 - Health Campaign against Metaboric Syndrome

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One day, I discussed the results of our health check with my colleagues.
According to research, metabolic syndrome rate appeared to be increasingly going across my company.
So I asked my colleagues idea to keep our health.
Three weeks later, then we started a health campaign.
We had two points we should do.
The first point to consider was our lunch.
We decided to have only healthy dishes in our cafeteria menu.
We've changed menu to more healthy dishes such as vegetable salad and Japanese traditional meals.
The other point was that we recommended using stairs especially when employee went to upstairs.
But it seemed that some employees didn't like new cafeteria menu.
A year later, we had the meeting again.
We got an evidence for the campaign showing that employee with metabolic syndrome decreased.
So we were sure that our campaign was fine.

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