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March 11, 2013

Summer is more FUN in the Philippines



Summer in the Philippines literally starts at the end of March. That is also the end of of the academic year of students from pre - elemantary to high school. Whilst for those in Universities, it's different as they have different schedules and some Unis provide summer classes.


So why is summer more fun in the Philippines? This tag line is actually created by the Department of Tourism, each country has a theme on how they can attract tourist to their country.


Talking about summer, yes it is indeed fun in the Pearl of the Orient Seas (Philippines) because of the tropical weather and the hospitable people. Our country only experiences three (3) months of cool weather - that is no snow nor autumn but it is cool because of the rain and the cool wind caused by melting of the snow in the Himalayas because it blows the wind to this side of the continent. The rest of the month is just warm but the super hot season falls on March to May of each year (and that is when summer falls in the Philippines).


So what do Filipinos do during the summer season? Filipinos loves the beach - a lot! After the graduation of their children they would plan a vacation somewhere close to the beach. One example of that is the famous party island, Boracay (which is in Aklan). First of all how are you going to get there. Of course if you are from another country, let's say from Japan you will land to NAIA International Airport in Manila. Then from Manila you will book a flight to Kalibo Aklan or Caticlan (which is closest to Boracay). Kalibo Aklan is one and a half hour drive (shuttle/van) to the port where you need to get a boat going to the island. While if you land to Caticlan, right after you get out of the plane the port is just a few walks away. So what is it like in Boracay? It's a white sand beach with many hotels (you can just choose if you want luxury or cheap). Bocaray has three stations, namely station 1, station 2 & station 3. Station 1 is where most of the expensive hotels are found. Station 2 is where you can party, eat, shop and dine with some nice hotels too. And station 3 are mostly hotels and a few dining areas.


Boracay is like a mixture of races, everybody enjoying the sun, the warm breeze and the tan. Also you can add up the not so expensive sea foods and the soothing coconut (buko) juice. At night time they have bars opening near the beach which they play nice acoustic & rock music to let the tourist (not just the local) enjoy their vacation. They also have buffets that costs more or less $7.00. During day time there are so many activities to do to. There's island hopping, snorkeling, helicopter ride, atv ride. You can also rent a motorcycle to tour the whole of the island.


Boracay is just one of the amazing islands that Filipinos go to not just during the summer but the whole year round. Peak season is from March to May (it's because it's the summer season in the Philippines).


Aside from Boracay we also have Cebu Island, Palawan Island and Bohol. These places are worth going to because it's not so expensive, unless you chose to get a luxury hotel - then it's a different story.


The links below will show you different hotels and activities to do in the places I mentioned above. Hope this will help in your future travel to the Philippines.


Cebu -

Palawan -

Bohol -







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