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January 23, 2014

IELTS スピーキング対策は元IELTSスピーキング試験管のELLEN先生がおすすめです。

Ellenは関西外国語大学のアメリカ人助教授でした。 25分180P必要です。

また元IELTS SPEAKING面接試験管です。現在退職しサンフランスコ在住です。

TOEFL,ビジネス英語、IELTS 医学英語、看護英語 歯科英語、科学技術英語、文学、アメリカ史などを教えるのが専門です。サンフランシスコ州立大学の大学院でMA inTESOL(英語を外国人に教える資格の最高峰)を取得しています。





Ellen's selfーintroduction

Hello from California! 


I am Ellen, and I am happy to help you improve your English.  Don’t worry if you are shy or nervous speaking English! I have 19 years’ experience teaching young people and adults at ALL levels, from beginners to advanced.


I am a native speaker of American English.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University and a Master’s degree from San Francisco State University in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).  I have taught English in the U.S. to international students and working adults.  Also, in Russia, the United Arab Emirates, the Czech Republic and Japan, I taught young people and working adults and helped teachers improve their skills. Now I am back in the San Francisco area and ready to help you with your English. I was a certified IELTS speaking examiner when I was in the UAE.


I have a wide range of knowledge and experience about different workplace sectors:  healthcare, business management, science and technology, and engineering. Before I became an English teacher, I worked in healthcare, on both the business side and the medical side. I taught English for engineers for 8 years.  I also taught workplace English to high tech and R&D companies in Silicon Valley, California. Most recently, I have been teaching English at universities in the U.A.E. and Japan, where I specialized in speaking skills, including pronunciation and different cultural styles of conversation.


How can I help you? 

Maybe you need specialized English for your profession. I can help doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists speak clearly and politely to their patients to get information, explain diagnoses and treatment, and give reassurance.  We can practice realistic dialogues based on your specific professional setting so you can communicate with confidence. 


Perhaps you need English for business, engineering, or science

We can work together to help you.......

       communicate with clients and partners in foreign markets.  

  •        travel internationally or attend a conference.  
  •        explain how your products and services work
  •        represent your company at important meetings


Another way I can help is with basic daily conversation to increase your confidence speaking English with others.  I am patient and can help you relax and enjoy your lessons. We can work on pronunciation and practice dialogues so you can learn useful expressions used in everyday English.

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