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May 5, 2011

Disney Land

We went to Tokyo Disney Land in this holiday.( Golden week)

I wondered Disney Land woudn't open for a while after the big earthqueak happened.  Actually, The park closed about for a month.


Anyway we visited there. There were less visitors than usual. Should we say that we were lucky?  I could spend good time and got some populer atraction usually you have to get a long liine.


At the same time, I noticed less visitor from other country  . Because we have the nuclear probrem in Fukushima.  It is really bad situation.  And I am sorry that the woker who work in the nuclear for fixing. I hope they are safe.


What is it I can do?  Give money, food and some stuffs? Saving electricity? anything else?

Work hard to get back good economy? 


I do what I can.

Keep your smile.





( I hope you check my english)

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