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June 20, 2022

Get your Blinks On

  I'm a Writer therefore I need to be a reader and read at least one book-a-book-a-day. In fact reading is a great way of taking in new ideas and stretching yourself.                                       My best advice for anyone who wants to be good at English is to READ Read and Read. Go get hooked on a book. If we are on the same page or of one mind then try to set aside time to get comfortable with something you enjoy reading. . Of course the next step is to get some resources that will feed you.

If you are into YouTube and Ted Talks then wonderful. You Tube is full of good material to skim and scan and then really read 


Here is what I suggest further to load Blinkist Free  on your cellphone  laptop or desk top. You will be doing yourself a favor.> content > daily   If maybe I haven't loaded the string properly then try going and googling direct to Blinkist Free. They might want to hook you into a paid subscription.   That's okay there is an option to try first and then keeping on trying. I've enjoyed  it for years.  


Then perhaps  come back to me and lets discuss some of the articles you like.   I will try to suggest further reading resources but I think already we have at our finger tips a one-stop-library in our iPad, iPhone and Desktop computers 

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