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June 6, 2011

Fill in the word 2

Listen to the audio!

is the (      ) city in the U.S. (      ) of Florida in both (      ) and land area. It's the largest (      ) by (      ) in the US. and the thirteenth most (      ) in the United States. It's a (      ) with a population of more than (      ). The local (      ) includes banking, (      ) and healthcare. (      ) is also (      ) to the Jacksonville area, in particular tourism (      ) to (      ).

 Fill in the missing words.


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Have Fun!

The answers will be posted next Monday!

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Hello, this is Kioka from Koyamada lab. We would like to have next lesson on Monday, June 20. Could you start the lesson from 12:10? Some of the students have classes until 12:00. Thank you for your patience. Mr. Nishimura (Jun) will talk about Sumi (charcoal). See you on Monday. M. Kioka
Dear Michael, I wounder if we are able to have a lesson today. Could you open the reservation window? Best wishes, M. Kioka
Dear Michael, Thank you for opening the lesson I might missed to confirm the lesson request. Sorry for my confusion. See you then. Sincerely, Miki KIOKA
Dear Michel, As you may hear from Ms. Ryobe, we would like to have a lesson today from 12:10. Unfortunately, the system does not work well for Professor Koyamada's account. I cannot make a reservation. I hope we can meet later. M. KIoka
Hello Michael, Today Mr. Kun will talk about "natto".I expect learning about its origin, usefulness for our health and so on. Have you ever had natto? It's one of my favorite side dish. Meet you soon.
Hi Michael, Thank you for your useful blog. It's great that I can practice listening here. The answer key helped me a lot. See u in class. Mika こんにちは、とっても役に立つブログをありがとう。リスニングの勉強になります。フロリダの話いつもとても楽しみにしています。前は、ぜんぜん英語が聞き取れなかったけれど、最近少しずつ何をいっているのか聞こえるようになってきました。これからスカイプで先生のレッスンデ英会話をもっとがんばります。

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