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July 1, 2022

The Best Things in Life are Free

    Let's count all the free things we have. I personally like blue skies and fluffy white clouds and fresh air and lovely  green nature all around. I think most of us would value a beautiful sunny day. You may also choose family, friends a smile a friendly wave kindness that people show as favorites. Giving kindness to others doesn't cost anything as well, its free to give away.

I know lots of free things. I use them everyday. I talked about Blinkist and the app that allows you to read a book a day. I mentioned this in the last blog about 'Get your Blinks on'.  

Here is another free thing. You can get it and do it and even surprise yourself.     Its a personality test. It takes 12 minutes. You can answer it in Japanese or English. Its 16personalities: a free personality test. at Its free for you and personal. Just for a laugh  go and find an Anime or Manga character who fits your personality type. We all have a unique personality we carry around with us where ever we go. This is not some party game. Its a serious thing yet you can do it among a group of close friends.

I know already that Kaori Miyazono from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso shares my personality type. If you know of her then go research her and her personality type.    All the best in trying this its fun-fun.  


Ps. Go type 16personalitiesJapanese and try it in your mother tongue then do it again in English to strengthen and learn the connections between both languages.

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