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July 1, 2022

Writers Blockage

You may have heard about writer's block. It's where you can't think of what to write about when you have to write something. Fortunately as a writer I haven't experienced that yet. Simply because I meditate or contemplate on the things that happen to me or I have read about. Then it just seems to flow. But its never always easy. Sometimes you have writer's flashes and you meet with other writers and they push you along. Even if your writing is not perfect that's okay just edit it later or cut and paste and make adjustments.                                                                                                           The point I'm trying to make is that you write best from experiences you have had.  So if you lived through something  you can write from the 'inside out' then your ideas  flow better. Writing is a craft like paperfolding, Origami or cooking or riding a motorbike. You get better at it the more you enjoy it and do it. Even falling off a bike a few times helps you get better. So kick your blockages and try something you would like to do. Maybe  build your English vocabulary up so you have 100,000 new words. Please share the plans you aim to do. Remember sharing something with someone else doubles your chances of achieving it.                                                                                                              In November every year there is a contest among a lot of crazy people all around the world to write 50,000 words for their personal novel. Its called NaNoWriMo the National November Writing Month. It started in America but now it has gone International. The big thing is we are all pushing each other to write 1667 words a day. Can you imagine a room full of people or an online group all pushing each other to write? Thats super crazy but its super fun and its the way to get things done. To be honest there is a right time for everything. If it's not right for you now wait, there will be another time. Just stick it in your mind and let the idea settle a bit to ferment (such a beautiful word). I have 3 unpublished books sitting under my bed fermenting already. Its the thrill of having climbed a writing mountain which stays with you for life.

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