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July 2, 2022

Now you're on the MySkyEnglish Bus

Exploring and learning more is like  an exciting journey. Its like a Gift that keeps giving. I think of it as going on a bus ride. Because it gives you an opportunity to meet so many more interesting people and make discoveries.

            Let me tell you about FutureLearn. It's an Open University in the UK. They offer many courses in English. You try them for about 3 weeks. Do a Google and find them. This will help supplement the English as you learn it at MySkyEnglish. Why ?because you are on the bus. You have a mission.                                                        Can someone please help me?  What are the name of those books where the teacher Miss Frizzle takes her students every where on learning journeys? I would like to know.


Late addition: Oh thank you, a teacher just sent a message to help me remember. It's the  Magic School Bus books. They're on You Tube and in your library and book shops.Look for the books with the big Yellow Bus.

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