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July 6, 2022

Speaking English

I am really impressed by the quality of the students at MySkyEnglish. 


It's a joy to teach and to do some little tweaking. (different to Tweeting)

 I just make one observation. If you don't open your mouth and speak clearly you end up eating your words. They become muffled and not clear.


So my basic suggestion is to practice speaking a piece of writing in front of a mirror and watch your mouth forming the words. It may look funny at first when you try to exaggerate but that's good. 


The ear is processing sounds and therefore it works differently to the mouth and sounds coming out. You have to think 

  sounds out + plus thinking and processing + plus recognition and retention


      out (mouth)    In ear (s)  process and hold (Connecting)


So practice speaking clearly exaggerating your words.  Try also recording your voice and recording others speaking.


Did you pick up every word or miss some words ? 

I must confess I miss some words  people speak but because English is my First language my mind fills in the gaps.


Here is a trick I use. If I forget a persons name maybe a student or a film star or even a sports star then I run the alphabet past in my mind. It works every time for me its like magic.  I go  A B C D E F..............This helps trigger and connect that persons name in my mind.

It will work best in your mother tongue Japanese  better.      Now if I run into a problem with remembering  MySky .....I ask is it ? MySchool  MySky or MySelfie I click ! My and Sky rhyme so that helps but what's next is it MySkyEducation or English or Excellence ? If I  play around with all these words until I get the best fit MySkyEnglish. I feel good that I can connect all the bits together. 


You may discover your own tips and tricks that work best for you.

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