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July 11, 2022

Can v's Could explained

 As a  speaker of my main language English  I use Can and Could without thinking about them . But when a student asks me the difference I really have to think there must be a difference . Yes its easy .

Can is used a lot like "can you help me ?" in the present tense. However if I talk about the past tense I use 'could' more. "yes he could come to my house and help me with my homework".       For more help click on this link'Can'%20is%20a%20modal%20verb,an%20individual%20in%20doing%20something.



How to remember the difference


The words can and could are often juxtaposed, as they are the forms of the verb ‘can’. You should remember that you can use ‘can’ or when you are talking about present ability and possibility or when you are requesting or offering something to your friends, relatives and acquaintances. Similarly, you can use ‘could’  when you discuss about the past ability or possibility or when you are requesting or asking something to ‘strangers’.


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