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July 11, 2022

Making and using simple Dialogues

   I have found in using and teaching English it can be fun to use the Dialogue method. There is a good reason for this. It helps promote better listening. Let's make up a food dialogue and then I will show how it helps listening.


Remember this can be spoken first. So you are not just reading a dialogue off a piece of paper. 


Here is the pattern : The teacher will read the dialogue out and speak both parts a & b.

a) Hello

b) Hello

a) What do you like fish or chicken?

b) I like chicken

a) Thats good I like chicken too.

b) I'm hungry now.

a) Let's go and eat chicken.


As the teacher has performed the dialogue 2 or 3 times he invites the class group or individual to take the (b) part.  The 2nd or 3rd time through there is a change and the student leads first (a)  and the teacher does the b) part.   

Remember its okay to make mistakes. You have to practice and practice using either a) and b) parts. That promotes listening and speaking.

Now once you have learnt the dialogue you must then go and write it out from memory.  Then you can READ what you have written. Check does it make sense.' Then do an upgrade by replacing the basic word 'like to the word 'prefer'. 

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