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July 9, 2011

Go Atlantis Go


    Hi, good morning from Florida. How are you? The space shuttle Atlantis just lifted off. The sky was a little overcast so Atlantis quickly disappeared. I know you didn't see it. It was too early in the morning in Japan. After the lift off, I could hear the shockwave. It sounded like a low rumble. Rumble, rumble,rumble.


     Later, I'll post some pictures on my blog. For now, there's pictures of animals and an original 'conversational' story called, Mangrove People of the Bermuda Triangle. Please take a look.




See You!!!



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hello Michel good for you i have never seen such event it should be breathtaking to see a huge thing lifting off in a second and traveling beyond the atmosphere i wish i could have been an astronaut but .... Mahdi

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