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August 26, 2011

Top Ten Places to Visit in the U.S.

1. Southern Utah (beautiful canyonlands; mesmerizing landscapes)


2. New Orleans (recovered from Hurricane Katrina; has great culture and festivals)


3. New York City (National September 11 Memorial; New York Public Libray 100 years old)


4. Austin and West Texas (McDonald observatory; Rio Grande)


5. Savannah, Georgia (trees covered in Spanish moss; grand historic town)


6. Denver, Colorado (Denver Art Museum; Viceroy Snowmass)


7. Northern California (biodynamic wineries, stunning natural scenery)


8. Grand Canyon National Park (South Kaibab Trailhead; wildflower meadows)


9. Palm Springs, California (resort hounds; rock climbing)


10. Hawaii (tropical paradise; coral-reef cities; hibiscus flowers in hair)


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