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February 18, 2013

Anime club

Before I went to the University of Melbourne, I usted to go to a University called La Trobe University. At La Trobe, there is an anime club, and every month they convene in a classroom to watch anime and play board games.

 From what I know it is simmilar to what clubs at Japanese universities or high schools do, but with a few differences. Generally in Australia, students are not encouraged to join sports clubs in year 7-12 in most schools, and non-sporting clubs in high schools are almost non-existant. University cultural clubs (read: non-sporting clubs) are a lot more simmilar to the Japanese style, except that parts of their activities are enabled though a $5 club membership fee, or through the generosity of the University lending spare rooms.


Last month I went to a meetup and watched a screening of jojo's bizzare adventure, which had some interesting subtitles that didn't quite match the Japanese being spoken (the characters were subbed with cockney english slang - I guess because the setting was in old-England).


I generally go to these meetings whenever I can, as there is free pizza, which for some reason becomes twice as appetising while watching anime (although I would always prefer takoyaki or some other traditional Japanese treat, they're not really available in Australia)...


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Anime club

February 18