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July 10, 2011

When you say it's over...it's suppose to be over right?

I decided to try blogging for once what's going on with my life and my thoughts on things so I just spent some time talking with my wonderful friend and we were discussing about relationships and things that were going on in them. Well, my friend she just recently broke up with her boyfriend and she's been telling me about how her boyfriend broke up with her and has insecurity issues due his previous relationship. Anyways, her boyfriend is basically being really immature by calling her immature and saying a bunch of mean things to her and not trying to compromise with her so he broke up with her eventually. They agreed to become friends but as time progressed he would constantly text her and try to stay in touch with her like text her at 4:30 AM in the morning (which friends normally don't do). Point of this is that he's being a hypocrite and trying to act like a boyfriend when they are supposed to be friends only and then he calls her out when she does something that is like a girlfriend and get's mad but whenever he does it, it's suppose to be "ok" so it's thrown my friend off and making her annoyed. After hearing this from her though, I look back at a certain girl that I use to know and I'm still trying to keep in touch with her even though I said goodbye and walked away but I keep going back to talk to her so I was like "wow" I'm just like her ex-boyfriend. *sigh* embarassing isn't it?


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Hello William this is Mahdi, to be honest while i was reading your text i realized that sometimes i was like her ex boyfriend. i had such experience before and you know when you say [Good bye] to a girl who you used to meet frequently at first it seems OK but after a day or 2 you feel a big gap in your life and you try to fill this gap by texting or calling her again even-though you already broke up...its ridiculous...why should she be happy for that after you neglected her and broke up... to some extent all men are same in this case...its very difficult for us to accept that we made a mess. what do you think?

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