Maria 120p - スカイプ英会話ならマイスカイイングリッシュ

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Hello everyone!                                                         


My name is Maria. Originally I come from Ukraine, but now I live and study in Germany.


I've already had a MA in Teaching English and Translation. Soon I'll get one more MA in Intercultural Communication in Germany.


I’ve been working as an English teacher for the past 4 years with the students of different age (kids and adults). My teaching focuses on real life situations, role plays, case studies and live conversations.


I have also experience in preparing my students for the Academic English, TOEFLIELTS as well as in teaching Business English.


I enjoy helping students to work on their conversational skills such as pronunciationgrammarvocabulary and listening.

I am interested in learning about cultures of my students. I strive to keep my classes interesting. The more students like the class, the more they will learn.  After only a few weeks of daily training you will experience noticeable improvement. I'm happy to have the opportunity to teach you!


See you on my lesson!






写真: 英語教育&コミュニケーション論のマスターを持つMARIA(マリア)先生がオープンしています。 ドイツ在住 ウクライナ人英語、ロシア語、ドイツ語の三カ国後を流暢に話します。ウクライナとドイツの大学院でMASTERを2つ持つ大変な才媛で親しみ安く優しい性格ですので生徒様の力を引き出すのが上手です。日常会話はもちろんAcademic English、TOEFL IELTS ビジネス英語を教えるのも得意です。

Student Evaluation

Thank you Maria! He really enjoyed your lesson! See you soon!

07/25 21:13 by liv***

I was really enjoyed her lessons. She teaches me very kindly, and she gives me many good advices. She teaches my son as well. He is 8. It is fun to learn English for him. He likes her lessons, too.

07/24 22:32 by liv***

I really enjoyd her lessons. She gives me many good advices, and she teaches very kindly.

07/19 10:26 by liv***

Thank you Maria, I really enjoyed your lesson. I'm looking forward to your next lesson.

07/16 22:12 by liv***

Thank you for your lesson. Your teaching skill is good and you teaches us kindly. I'm looking forward to next lessons.

07/14 14:33 by liv***

My son enjoyed your lesson very much. Thank you, Maria! He is looking forward to your next lesson.

07/14 14:26 by liv***

I enjoyed the lesson. Thank you very much. She is a good teacer. She teaches my son and me. I reserve twice a week and my son reserve onece a week. She is very kind and teaching skills are very good. My son is always looking forward to seeing her at her lessons.

07/09 20:44 by liv***

Thank you Maria,. He(my son) also likes your lessons very much. She teaches very kindly, and she give us good advices. She is a great teacher.

07/04 21:41 by liv***

Thank you for your good lesson and advice Maria, it's quite usuful. See you next lesson!

05/09 22:55 by Shu***

才媛と伺っていたので、少々腰が引けていたと思いますが、とてもフランクな感じの先生でした。 英語も聞き取りやすく、もたついている時には間違いの指摘や適切な表現を時々入れてもらって、気分よく終了しました。 Her English is clear and easy to listten. She heard my terrible English patiently and pointed it out properly. I appreciate her.

05/07 00:31 by 伊藤了***

Thanks Maria, she gave me a lot of tips todays lesson.

05/03 22:19 by mak***

I learned new expressions from her, and her lesson is very useful for exam .

05/03 12:31 by mak***

It was my first time to take her lesson. That was much more better than I expected. She corrected all my mistakes. She advised me of very useful phrase to use in TOEFL. Even the lesson was finished, she gave us a kind comment, which encouraged me to study English more. Thank you, Maria. I will take your lesson again, for sure.

04/22 23:05 by 植木 ***


07/25 11:09 by nom***


07/25 11:09 by nom***

She is very kind. I enjoyed her lesson. 初心者であまり英語で上手に話すことができませんでしたが、 根気よく教えて下さいました。 文法など間違っていたら、正しい言い方にきちんと直してくれるのがよかったです。 楽しくレッスンができました。

03/05 22:17 by kit***