Michael US 120p~ - スカイプ英会話ならマイスカイイングリッシュ

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      Hi, everyone! Aloha! I'm talking to you from Hawaii now!  It's nice to meet you. Let me tell you about myself. I was born in Ohio. After high school, I graduated from the University of Maryland. 

      I started teaching from Florida. I've been teaching for Mysky English for awhile now.  The students that I have are all nice people. I teach conversation and other things related to the Eiken, Toeic, etc. I'm a serious teacher but I also like to have fun. I try to customize my lessons to the students needs. I also enjoy teaching children. When needed, I can control the children by speaking Japanese. Recently,  I relocated to Hawaii. Sometimes, I just like to look at the ocean. Hawaii is an exciting place for me. There's always something new to see. I hope you choose to take a lesson with me. I can promise you that I will do my best for you. Thank you!!!


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Student Evaluation

He knows Hawaii, so he gives me a lot of good advice for traveling to Hawaii.

10/27 17:45 by Ken***

please help me and see you soon

10/12 15:16 by Emi***

I will start to prepare for the stay in Australia

10/12 15:15 by Emi***

I would like to check and get some comments from you

10/12 15:14 by Emi***

I wrote a plan for my stay in Australia

10/12 15:14 by Emi***

hi, long time no see again

10/12 15:13 by Emi***

Now I want to regain my normal life soon.

09/14 20:50 by Emi***

I was very busy during this summer.

09/14 20:46 by Emi***

How are you? How about your new job?

09/14 20:45 by Emi***

I will start to have your lessons.

09/14 20:43 by Emi***

Hi, long time no see!

09/14 20:42 by Emi***

I will rearrange my schedule and reserve your lessons.

06/24 05:12 by Emi***

Sorry for my absence of lesson

06/24 05:11 by Emi***

The materials of your lessons are wonderful

06/24 05:10 by Emi***

thank you very much for your lesson

06/24 05:07 by Emi***


06/23 22:31 by 橋本 ***

I appreciate from the bottom of my heart for your interesting lessons.

05/26 21:03 by Emi***

I hope I can talk to you soon.

05/26 21:02 by Emi***

How are you doing?

05/26 21:02 by Emi***

the lessons which you arranged for me were interesting.

05/26 21:02 by Emi***

Thank you for your kindness.

05/26 21:01 by Emi***

I look forward to seeing you soon.

05/26 21:00 by Emi***

I checked my schedule and found out the time for lessons.

05/26 21:00 by Emi***

I want to start your lesson again.

05/26 20:59 by Emi***

Thank you very much for your lessons.

05/26 20:58 by Emi***

I remember your lesson.

05/26 20:57 by Emi***

Thank you very much for your lesson.

04/30 14:48 by Uta***

Thank you very much for your lesson.

04/30 14:47 by Uta***

Thank you very much for your lesson.

04/30 14:47 by Uta***

Thank you very much for your lesson.

04/30 14:46 by Uta***