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Sabina 190P UK

Age : 30 - 39

Sex : female

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Hello, My name is Sabina. I am from England, born in London. I graduated with a Cambridge CELTA teaching qualification in 2009 and since then I have worked with students of all ages and levels at language schools. I worked for International House in Madrid, mainly at the Bank of Spain with economists and bankers, as well as at British Council accredited schools in London. I have also been teaching students in Japan and from all over the world. I believe MySkypEnglish is the perfect method as students can study when and where they like, and focus on their personal aims. I have taught IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC, as well as helping students with general conversation, pronunciation, business English, preparing for presentations and writing. I really enjoy teaching and look forward to hearing from you.     

Student Evaluation

I want to dey 6.0 for IELTS. I think it could become true because Sabina is anise teacher.

07/21 11:16 by Kay***

I practiced speaking. Sabina always tell me my mistakes.

07/21 11:14 by Kay***

Readingのレッスンもしてもらえます☻ 発音も注意して下さいます^ ^

07/05 18:43 by Kay***


07/05 18:42 by Kay***


07/05 18:40 by Kay***

明日はアイエルツなので沢山アドバイスをもらえました( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

07/05 18:39 by Kay***

She is a kind woman, so I am happy during her class. Always I can not wait for her class.

06/22 09:55 by Kay***

I was worried about Reading, but she gave a nice advice.

06/22 09:53 by Kay***

Sabina's advice is always helps me when I practice speaking English.

06/22 09:51 by Kay***

I did Reading and Speaking for IELTS.

06/22 09:50 by Kay***

I will try to get a good score of IELTS. Please help me ;D

06/22 00:16 by mik***

Thank you for kindly lesson. I really enjoyed it. You correct me if I speak wrong grammar or word, that is very helpfull. Thank you. See you next time.

06/22 00:09 by mik***

I will read more and more to read smoothly.

06/11 01:23 by Kay***

I could not connect the network well.

06/11 01:22 by Kay***

Sabina always teach me how to study foe IELTS, so I can study for it efficiently.

06/07 23:09 by Kay***

Thank you, Sabina. I will continue to study.

06/07 23:04 by Kay***

Thank you for your lesson. It was my first lesson of your class, so I was nervous a bit, but enjoyed your lesson. I am going to take next your lesson soon. Thank you.

06/07 22:37 by 長谷川***

I will continue study English grammar with the text you recommend me. I think that is suitable to me.

06/02 21:29 by Kay***

Thank you, Sabina. I will study the website you tell me!!

06/02 21:27 by Kay***

She was very kind. This is because whenever I made a mistake, she taught me easily to understand, and whenever I could succeed, she said to me, "Really, really nice." Her character was nice, so I could study without tension.

06/01 16:05 by Kay***

I could spent a good time with Sabina. Thank you. She was really nice woman.I studied only for 50 minutes, but after the class I was really tired. This means the class was so deep and specific. Then, I am going to take her class from now.

06/01 16:00 by Kay***

It was nice meeting you. Thank you for teeching me kindly. I like repeating after you. And I will study English everyday at least 5minutes. See you next time!

05/31 20:53 by mik***

Her lessons are essential for me to take IELTS exam! Thank you so much!

04/09 00:00 by 黒川 ***

とても有意義なレッスンでした! IELTSのスピーキング分野の練習でしたが、間違いをメッセージ欄ですぐに直してくれるのでとても勉強になりました!

03/22 23:26 by 黒川 ***

Thanks for the lesson. You corrected my mistakes, and showed me useful sites. awesome.

02/21 19:42 by Tak***

I enjoyed her lessons because she is always cheerful and try to keep on talking.I'm looking forward to taking her next lesson!

02/18 14:55 by 椎橋 ***

Today I talked about health.She told me a lot of phrases for talking about health.They looked very useful,so I 'll try to use these phrases in next conversation!

02/18 14:53 by 椎橋 ***

Double lessons were a little tough for me but I could practice a lot tahnks to it!

02/18 14:51 by 椎橋 ***

I took the second lesson with Sabina.It was a wonderful lesson too! She adviced me to take attention to my intonation and try not to speak flat.I'll try!

02/18 14:50 by 椎橋 ***

It was a wonderful lesson.Teacher Sabina told me a lot of ways to improve my score.I'm looking forward the next lesson with her!

01/30 08:04 by 椎橋 ***