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My name is Melissa and I live in the United States.  I speak standard American English and Spanish.  I have a doctorate and masters in counseling along with credentials in adult learning.  I also have a degree in media communications from a university in the United States.  However, I have over ten years experience in teaching English, language arts, Business English, professional development, and public speaking.

I look forward to teaching you!  I have a great interest for diverse languages and cultures.  I am creative, patient, dedicated, fun, motivated and helpful.  I teach based on your needs and skills.  I will help you achieve your goals in learning and practicing the English language.  My hobbies are karaoke, dancing, yoga and cooking many types of cultural foods.



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Student Evaluation

Thank you for your lesson of deep interest. Your profession and parenting are respected. She told me favorable topics kindly and slowly. I appreciate you.

09/11 22:56 by Yu***


02/07 20:12 by say***


11/27 23:25 by もん ***

I had the worthy lesson wiht Melissa. Melissa gave me a kind mood during lesson. The practices of pronunciations and tongue twisters made me exciting.

09/07 08:52 by 丹下明***

Thank you for today's Spansh lesson! On her lesson, she used some pictures by showing on our computer screens. The lesson was like a lesson held in a classroom.

07/27 12:53 by Kir***

初めて オンラインレッスンを受けました。 先生は とても優しくて いい先生でした。 This is my first time doing an online Lesson. She's very nice teacher.

07/19 11:28 by もん ***

I enjoyed talking with you today. I'm looking forward to sharing time with you again soon.

07/10 23:50 by Yum***

Melissa was cheerful and helpful. She gave me some tests and clearly explained the part I didn't understand.Also, she helped me learn some new words. Thank you very much!

07/04 09:13 by Tom***

I enjoyed talking with her. 優しい話し方で聞き取りやすく、楽しく話せました。

06/20 10:35 by lil***

I had a good time with her on skype. She is kind and her English is very clear.

06/14 12:36 by Chi***

Hi, Melissa. Today's lesson is my first class. I'm afraid I can't use to "Skype" very well. But you helps me which is sharing your screen. Thank you very much. If you OK, I want to takl with you again. Thanks. Jimmy

06/01 06:30 by Jim***

Melissa was very wonderful teacher. I was very fun speaking English, and I want to speak more and more. I will study till speak with Mellissa friendly!

04/18 00:44 by 高田由***

 無料体験授業を受けさせていただいたのですが、先生は私が英語が喋れなくても、簡単な英語で少しずつ話してくださいました。私が質問の意味がわからないときは、先生が答えの例をだして、どう答えればいいか導いてくださいました。英語が全くできなくてもゲームなどをして楽しめました。あっという間に時間が過ぎて、とても楽しかったです。ありがとうございます。 She is very nice teacher. I

03/27 10:10 by Mas***

Melissa is so nice teacher. She made me relax during the lesson . Her topics for me is good, I was able to talk about myself without tension. Thanks! 体験レッスンを受けました。緊張をといてくれるような、会話の運び方で、リラックスできました。ありがとうございました。

03/22 10:11 by Yas***

She is very nice!

03/20 20:03 by 井上顕***

She is very nice!

03/20 20:03 by 井上顕***

I really enjoyed talking to Melissa. Her English was clear and easy to understand. She seemed active, so I felt energy form her voice.

03/20 12:53 by Yuk***

She is very kind teacher. Beautiful voice and pronunciation. I recommend her.

03/16 07:42 by 井上顕***

She is very kind teacher. Beautiful voice and pronunciation. I recommend her.

03/16 07:42 by 井上顕***

She is very kind teacher. Beautiful voice and pronunciation. I recommend her.

03/16 07:41 by 井上顕***

Your calls are late. So I did not receive a call, because I started another task.

01/28 10:21 by 西川信***

I will try to speak more about my interest. See you next time.

01/24 05:20 by Emi***

Thank you very much for your lesson. I will very happy if I have your report which you used last lesson. See you next time!

01/14 03:48 by Emi***

My son had a very enjoyable chat with Melissa. She was excellent at keep the chat on track. Thank you very much.

12/30 10:03 by Yui***


11/10 10:14 by ima***

I took her Spanish lesson for the first time. As well as being a good teacher,she's very sweet and cheerful. I had a good time and am looking forward to the next lesson.

10/27 19:10 by ***


10/23 22:36 by 小川 ***

非常に残念な時間でした。小学生ですが息子は英語暦5年以上で英検4級も取得していて長文読解も得意です。それなのにThis is a pen.から始まりhow are you. What color.で終わりました。何のために前もってリクエストしたのでしょうか?途中でpleaseconversation. free talk please. this text is easy.となんどもメッセージを送ったのに無視。これで時給いくらですか?まじめにやってほしいです。

10/23 10:37 by 小川 ***

I like singing a song;)

09/24 22:36 by Kat***

レッスンはとても満足しました。私は思ったことを英語で伝えることができないですが、先生は、こちらの英語能力を瞬時に見抜き、適切にレッスンを提案して進行しました。先生はプロフェッショナルだと思いました。 The lesson was satisfied very much. Although I don't have English conversation capability, the teacher ran the lesson appropriately. I thought she is professional.

09/24 08:16 by Kat***