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95P Kathleen イギリス

Age : 20 - 29

Sex : female

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Hello everyone,

My name is Kathleen. I have been studying English Language, History and Culture for 15 years and use English as my first language for my day to day living.

I do hold a full Bachelors Degree and has an IELTS qualification for the UK. I have helped teach English from beginner level upwards with many students in many situations.


I have lived in the UK for a while and has manage to understand their tradition and culture and the way they speak (which is different from American English). If you love classic history, I can share to you what England has, and it even amazes me up to now. I can give you advice on what to do and where to go when you arrive as tourist, going for business, as a student or as an immigrant in the UK.

Also for general English language training, I will provide a structured and easy to follow guide that will allow you to construct and understand simple sentences through to paragraphs and full TWO WAY conversations and beyond.

We will look at Nouns, Pronouns, Pronunciation, Grammar, English Literature, Syllables and more in and work through the levels building competence, confidence and experience.

We will also have many opportunities to interact with native English GUEST speakers who will add extra valuable insight and comments through the learning program.


Talk to you soon.

Student Evaluation


04/26 08:53 by 橋本 ***

Thank you for your delightful lesson. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

02/03 10:28 by 田中 ***

Her last lesson was good, but she was late for 30 minutes. What happened to her?

10/23 22:52 by 八幡浩***

Thank you for the today's lesson. I enjoyed talking with you:)

06/10 21:35 by 前田 ***

Kathleen led the conversation very well. She speaks standard English. Her lesson is good for us.

02/10 21:52 by Mas***


11/27 23:26 by もん ***


09/21 21:27 by 石本 ***

I had an effective lessson with Kahty teaching L and R pronunciation.

09/14 09:03 by 丹下明***

Thank you for teaching basic phrases. Though easy phrases, it's hard for me to make sentences.So I think a good practice!

09/10 21:44 by 丹下明***

I have understood the importance of pronaunciatin before this lesson I have thought the importance of vocabulary and phrases.So I'll intent for pronanciation.

09/04 15:17 by 丹下明***

I am very satisfied with her lesson. It was my first lesson and I decide to continue Myskype English. Thanks Kath and I want to talk with you soon.

06/20 22:13 by 高井あ***


04/18 23:27 by ogu***

Thank you for your lesson!! :)

03/26 00:54 by Yuk***

Thank you for your lesson!! :)

03/26 00:53 by Yuk***

Today we talked about various topics and I enjoyed your lesson so much. Thank you!!

03/18 22:35 by Yuk***

初めてで上手く会話ができなくても根気よく話をきいてくれました。  i cant speak english well , but she heard paitiently my speaking

03/18 22:32 by Hir***

I enjoyed your lesson so much!!

03/18 22:29 by Yuk***

Thank you so much. Today's lesson was so understandable using the screen. See you next time!!

03/11 22:00 by Yuk***

Today's lesson discussing about medical topics was so interesting!! I'm looking forward the next lesson!! Thank you so much Kathleen!!! See you next time.

03/04 21:37 by Yuk***

You chose a appropriate topic for me. Thank you so much!!!

02/26 23:16 by Yuk***


02/18 17:27 by ogu***

もう少し、レッスン中笑顔があればいいのですが・・・。 レッスン内容だけに評価をフォーカスすると、短時間に濃いないようのレッスンは してもらえると思います。 大人向けな気がします。

01/06 21:01 by Yui***


01/06 20:59 by Yui***

2コマ連続で今回取ってみましたが、この先続けるかは疑問です。 息子は、あまり動じていませんが、かなり怖いです。下の4歳の娘は画面上の先生を 見ているだけなのに、おびえています。 子供のレッスンで、あの迫力…。ただ、他の方のコメントはまた別な感じなので、どうして?と 思ってしまいます。人によって対応を変えているのでしょうか? うちの子はふざけるといった タイプではないのですが…。気の弱い子なら、泣いてしまうくらいの迫力です。

12/26 23:10 by Yui***

子供のレッスンをお願いしてます。教えるのが上手だと思います。いつも内容がすごくいいのでさすが経験者だと思いました。発音もいつも丁寧に直してくれています♪また来年もよろしくお願いします。I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

12/24 11:30 by 小川 ***

Thank you for your lesson. Her advice for us was very clear and on the point. We are looking forward to the next lesson.

12/22 21:33 by Yui***


12/22 20:42 by 小川 ***

熱心な先生です。今回も子供が興味の持ちそうな題材を考えてレッスンしていただけました。毎回題材をよく考えてくれています。Thank you very much.

12/15 10:52 by 小川 ***


12/12 09:57 by 小川 ***


12/09 20:54 by 小川 ***