130P Marina - スカイプ英会話ならマイスカイイングリッシュ

Teacher profile

Hello! Hi! Good afternoon!Bonjour!はじめまして! こんにちは! :)


My name is Marina and I come from Ukraine. I am a frequent traveller and like to move around the world, visiting different countries and cities! For the past four years of my life I have lived on 2 different continents and visited 25 countries.


Just to name a few: Canada, France, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Vatican, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark...


Currently I live in Paris with my family and work on talent management in the area of human resources.


During 2010-2012 I have lived in Germany. I was studying there for my Masters Degree in European Law.


In 2007-2008 I have spent one year in the USA, where I was an exchange student of Journalism at Troy University, Alabama. 


I speak fluent English. My mother tongues are Ukrainian and Russian. Now I am learning French.


Some of my interests are human rights, democracy, digital security, human resources.


Also I have lots of hobbies: dancing, Zumba, swimming, camping, skiing and figure skating and more.


And now a bit about my ways of Teaching....


During my lessons we will be discussing interesting subjects for both of us. It can be anything. The most important is that both yo uand me have a smoth conversation.


I will make You talk a lot ;) Every lesson we will talk about new topic and learn some new words to build Your vocabulary.
It will be a lot of work, but also a LOT of Fun!!! Because You need to enjoy!
Check out my Video:) It is me 6 years ago in my native city in Ukraine.

Hope to talk to you soon!

Student Evaluation

Today I asked her to correct my composition. It was a good lesson. Thank you, teacher Marina:) See you soon!

06/05 23:39 by Kir***

I had her lesson.  時間になってもすぐにレッスンを開始できませんでした。先生から電話が来ないので、何度もこちらからメッセージや電話をしたにも関わらず、全く応答なしでした(僕が電話したのは今は使ってないアカウントだったとのこと)。20分後にようやく新しいアカウントを使って電話が来ました。20分も遅れるなんて、普通では考えられませんよね。  何故新しいアカウント使ってるなら、レッスン前に追加リクエスト送らないわけって思いました。楽しく英会話が出来たことだけは評価できるポイントです。しかし総合的にみて、今後Marina先生のレッスンを受けようとは思いません。

02/28 00:01 by 三木直***


11/13 19:41 by Hon***

Her lesson was good and I could have a great opportunity to discuss environmental problems.However,this time again it was very noisy around her and I couldn't hear her voice well because someone's voice around her.

02/14 11:23 by 椎橋 ***

I took my first lesson with Marina.She gave me a lot of useful advices,but unfortunately it was a litle noisy around her and it was difficult to listen to her.

02/10 12:06 by 椎橋 ***

We had a good conversation at the class. Marina corrected my grammatical mistakes, and it helped well. She led me to many topics to keep conversation. I noticed she had mastered many languages. Next time I would like to ask her how did she master such many languages in a short period of time.

11/17 22:24 by Mas***

Marina先生とははじめてでしたが、とても楽しく受講できました。移民、少子高齢化社会などについてディスカッションしました。Thank you for your time and lesson! I really enjoyed discussing social problems of Japan and Ukraine. It was very informative.

04/01 02:06 by tak***


02/24 22:18 by Mik***

She is so nice that I could speak English a lot more than before. She helped me speak correctly. Her questions led me to speak out continuously.

02/21 23:43 by Mik***

She is great! She corrected my English while I was speaking, which was very helpful and I could speak in correct way. Also she helped me how to express what I wanted to say. Thank you Marina!

02/19 21:48 by Mik***

it's interesting to talk with her. Sometimes we talk about cultural differences.

01/18 09:21 by Shi***

She corrects the grammer and pronouciation for me. She is very kind.

01/12 10:51 by Shi***

大学でドイツ語を専攻していましたが、卒業してからドイツ語を話す機会がなく、このままだと忘れてしまう‼と思い、受講しました。案の定、めちゃくちゃなドイツ語になってしまい、先生に言いたいことを汲んでもらってばかりいましたが、家でドイツ語を話すことが出来るなんて有難いです。在学中にフランス語を少しかじったので、フランス語の授業も開講されたら嬉しいです。I haven't spoken German for a long time, but thanks to Prof. Marina I could practice speaking German at home.

12/29 23:13 by Kir***

以前好んでMarinaさんのレッスンを受けていましたが、気取らないしとても話しやすいのが相変わらずだったので、嬉しくなりました。私は特に資格取得を目指しておらず、単に友達感覚で話して、他国の人がどんな文化が背景にあって、どんな考え方をしてるのか吸収しようと思っているだけなので、先生との相性が今後もレッスンを続けられるかどうかの分かれ目で、とても重要なポイントなのですが、その意味で彼女は最高ランクの方です。以前と比べて授業料が上がったのは、恐らく現在在住しているドイツの物価に合わせたものなのでしょうが、レッスンの価値として考えるとまだ安い気もします。 I told with you a long time, very happy! As I said you, you didn't any change and I'm glad for you remembered me (a little bit..hehe). Anyway I hope I'll take your next lesson as soon as possible. Thank you.

09/20 13:33 by t.m***