120P Prof. Nina - スカイプ英会話ならマイスカイイングリッシュ

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120P Prof. Nina

Age : 60 - 69

Sex : female

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Hello! My name is Nina. Nice to meet you in this cyber school.
 I was born in the very close city to Japan, Vladivodstok. I moved to Ukraine with my family long ago.

I speak Russian, Ukrainian, British and American English, I read in German and speak a bit of Polish.
I've been teaching English for University students for more than 35 years now. I'm a life-long learner as well. My passion is to experiment with new teaching methods, technologies and integrating them into educational process.

I'll be glad to help you to improve speaking, writing, reading, structure of English, correct pronunciation while communicating through Skype.
If you like to learn English or Russian Language with me, I'll do my best to help you.
Have a nice day,
See you!

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