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My name is Beyza Sinan and I am living in the United States. I am studyig for my Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling. Before that I studied Biology.


My hobbies include painting, drawing, running, reading, and watching movies. I also enjoy cooking sometimes. When I began college, I taught other students Middle Eastern dance. I enjoyed watching my students learn and grow in confidence as the lessons progressed.


After having this experience, I sought out similar rewarding experiences where I had the oppurtunity to mentor and teach other people. I tutored my friends with their homework, tutored in Biology for the university, and also found many interesting volunteer experiences.


I came across an oppurtunity to start teaching English to Japanese students by conversation last year. I find it very rewarding to help others learn my native language, and find it exciting to learn more about a different culture! My past students have suggested that I try to read japanese comics and watch some dramas . I have tried their suggestions and enjoyed immerrsing myself in the culture this way, but someday i would like to visit the country to learn even more. I reciprocate this information by sharing and sugesting music, movies and books that are American to my students if they are indeed interested. 


Some of my goals for the future are to become a counselor and help many populations using different therapeutic techniques. I also have the goal to make a business out of my artwork, and have gallery showings. I would like to illustrate a childrens book one day. More minor goals that I have are to expand my practice of yoga, continue to enter marathons and running competitions, learn to play piano better, and volunteer in the community more often.


I truely believe that engaging yourself with many different activities, having more than one passion, and a good social network brings you closer to understanding who you are. Maybe this is why I love meeting new people and learning new things. Nevertheless, I am excited to meet everyone here and speak English with you!



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Student Evaluation

Thanks for offering an interesting lesson. I think Beyza excels at understanding the needs of her students. I am looking forward to her next lesson.

01/24 16:58 by Yos***

Thank you verymuch. i had a good time.

11/28 17:01 by 蒔田 ***

Thank you for the lesson. The comment you said, with the more practice I have speaking, I will become more better gave me hope.

10/25 15:52 by Ken***

Thank you for your today's class. We talk about describing some pictures.It was a little bit difficult to describe what I want to say.But ,It was fun.

03/29 12:47 by Eij***

Thank you for your today's class. I had a good time talking about some foods.She taught me the meaning of some words clearly.

03/22 11:09 by Eij***

Thank you for your class.I enjoyed talking.She teach me eassily,so I could understand well.

03/14 23:08 by Eij***

Thank you for your lesson. I can enjoy your lesson. I am looking forward to taking next lesson.

03/30 21:11 by Eij***

Thank you for teaching kindly. She told me some appropriate terms. I thought I have to learn English. Thank you again for your kindness.

09/04 22:12 by Yu***

I asked Beyza to review my document. She gave me very good advices and corrected my grammar mistakes quickly. I greatly appreciate it.

02/01 00:11 by Mas***

She is very young. But she is kind enough to hear me calmly. So I could relax to talk. And she is very cute!

11/04 22:13 by mas***

It was free experience lesson, she taught me kindly. She use textbook, lead me. I hope see you again.

05/29 23:48 by Chi***

初めてでしたが,会話の誘導やテキストを利用した会話の練習,普段の会話練習方法を教えてくれるなど,いろいろ教えてもらえて充実した25分でした. I was satisfied from the lesson including conversation training, leading of introduction and talking, and conversation training method.

05/15 22:47 by Dai***

Thank you for your time and lesson! I really enjoyed introducing each other. とても良い先生だと思います。こちらの意向を確認しながら進めてくれて、発音のチェックもしてくれます。

03/25 01:05 by tak***

I was really happy to talk with you!

03/23 22:14 by Tsu***