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Amir 110P UK

Age : 20 - 29

Sex : male

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Hi everyone! My name is Amir. I live in England, where I am doing my PhD in English Literature at the University of Sheffield. I was an English teacher for several years before I began my postgraduate studies about three years ago, first in Malaysia, and now in the UK.


I teach a variety of language courses: from general English in intermediate or advanced levels, to practices in speaking, listening, reading, or writing. If you are preparing for an English language test in Japan or abroad, I’d be more than willing to help. And if you are just a beginner, hoping to get started with English, I’d be happy to walk you through.


I am a punctual, patient, and creative teacher; not too demanding or strict, but just enough to help you make the best of your course. So… I hope to meet you really soon on Myskypenglish! 







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Student Evaluation

He also checks writing. He teaches me English kindly.

10/31 10:39 by ***

体験レッスンで受講しました。間違った英語をちゃんと直してくれるだけでなく、話した内容自体がとても面白かったです。英語が話せるようになるために英語を話す(練習する)ことはあっても、話の内容をもっと講師と話したくて話したくて仕方なくなることは滅多にないので、非常に充実した時間でした。I really enjoyed talking about the situation of the middle east, history and movies!! He was calm and listened to me well but also, gave me interesting opinions from his original point of view!! Thank you.

07/27 22:58 by Ann***

Amir was very friendly and made me feel relaxed. He corrected my error and taught me a lot of useful expressions. I learned a lot. Thank you so much!

06/26 17:19 by Tom***


05/14 09:38 by ***


05/14 09:37 by ***


03/29 23:14 by ロンイ***

Amir 95P UK 先生でした。 綺麗な発音でイギリス育ちの娘もとても会話を楽しんでいました。大人用ですが、帰国子女であれば子供(娘10歳)でも大丈夫でした。またお願いしたいです。

03/05 14:16 by ロンイ***

Thank you for nice lesson! :)

03/02 22:57 by 榊原貴***

Thank you for teaching me today. I have tried many English conversations, but I think I can learn more from you than any teacher. I remembered about my friendly and kind tutor Norah. I would like you to teach me from today. I would like to go back to England. I would like to become more friendly with you. I would like to learn more English. From Mio.Yoshikawa

02/25 10:09 by ロンイ***

Today lesson was very fun,because I understand to taik. But I can't communicate well. but he taught me a new vocabulary.

02/23 22:52 by 立山 ***

He is very kind to me. He spoke slowy,so I could understund.

02/20 23:07 by 立山 ***

He was so kind and gentle. I think he is good teacher.I would like have lesson with him again. 私のつたない英会話にとても優しく対応してくださいました。もう若くはないのでビシビシやってくれる方では逃げ腰になってしまうので、こんなソフトな教え方の先生が私にはいいと思います。また受けてみたいです。

02/12 22:41 by mas***

優しい先生でした。 子供の話に優しく付き合ってくださりました。発音もきれいで とても聞きとりやすかったです。

02/12 10:32 by Yui***

He is very diligent to get a class meaningful and helpful for students with his sincere, steady but friendly teaching style. Thanks!

02/12 03:02 by tom***

He is a nice teacher! I enjoyed his lesson so much. He checks not only my speaking but also my writing in English. He corrects my English kindly!

02/10 10:09 by ***

Whenever I make a mistake,he's always checking my English grammar and sentence . so He's a good English teacher for me. Thanks a lot.

02/10 08:24 by Sal***

It was good, I had very enjoyable time with him. It might be more useful if he can give me little bit more useful expressions, phrases, words with typing them. Chatting is fun and it's good enough by itself, but providing useful expressions can make the lesson more solid, I guess.

02/08 09:54 by Ai ***