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Hello,  my name is Roxy.   I have been teaching English for six years  to a variety of students.  I am currently living in Japan, however, I was born and raised in Wales in the United Kingdom.


 I enjoy reading true life and horror novels. My favourite writer is Stephen King I think his best work was 'The Green Mile.' I also enjoy listening to pop music. Some of my favourite singers include, Cascada, Avril Lavigne and kesha.


Everyday, I go for a walk with my  chihuahua to the local park and eat lunch with him.

Before I came to Japan I used to enjoy studying Mandarin Chinese. I also studied Spanish for two years.

I also have a passion for cooking and when I was in the U.K I used to bake a lot of bread and cakes for my family.  I am looking forward to our lessons together. Thank you.


I have now been living in Japan for five years and have worked as an english teacher for six years. I am glad to be back here teaching again. I spent some time away learning some new teaching tecniques and getting using new material. i am so exctied to start teaching agan. Let's make it our goal together that you will be able to speak English as well as you can speak Japanese!


I am going to introduce some new textbooks to help you learn. 

Smart phonics

kikutan キクタン

kikutan kids  キクタンキッズ


EFL Phonics 

side by side

Let's Go


Welcome to learning world PINK (this allows young children to learn through sobs and rhymes)


If you would like I can set homework for both children and adults and we can work through your mistakes together. 



after that i can move you onto a more advanced textbook such as American Headway. 

There is no need to feel ashamed to use a simple textbook if you are an adult and a beginner. Everyone needs a starting point. I wil be happy to teach you anyting you need to know. 


I wil also use speeches and poems to teach pronounciation and dictation. This may require you to do some home study but let's work through it together. :)


This is her self-introduction video.



Lesson video











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Student Evaluation

Thank you very much for your lesson. The lesson was wonderful. So I'll reserve again when I get time.

03/06 23:12 by Nao***

Thank you very much. i had agood times

01/20 15:31 by 蒔田 ***

初めてのロキシー先生のレッスンでしたが、Phonics の本を使ったレッスンがわかりやすくて子供がとても喜んでいました。きれいなイギリス英語を話す先生なので私も次回会話のレッスンを受けてみたいと思います。

01/02 22:58 by SAS***

I am really happy to meet Roxy sensei. She is a very smart and warmhearted teacher and I always enjoy lessons with her. Besides, her proof reading skill is fabulous! I often rely on her for correcting my translation into English. I always appreciate her hard working. Also, her explanation is very clear and convincing, so I believe my writing skill has been getting improved. Thank you so much!

07/24 23:16 by Emi***

英語の発音がきれいなイギリス英語で、オンラインスクールにはイギリス人の先生はあまりいられないので、貴重な存在と思います。 ビジネスのメールや翻訳などのネイティブチェック 英文校正もレッスン時間内にしてくださるので とても助かっています。 ロキシー先生の文章力は、さすがにネイティブというだけのことはあります。

07/05 23:21 by SAS***

予約の日付を間違えておられたようで、Skypeでの連絡が予約より丸1日早くありました。 こちらから日付を間違えている旨を伝えましたが、「間違えていない」との主張をされました。 体験レッスンにもかかわらず、継続の意思やレッスン希望・感想などを聞くことなく、開始10分後ほどより今後の先生の予定を一方的にお話されました。その後は一般的な自己紹介を続けました。 私は豪州にて2年間の留学経験があります。IIELTS受験が目的にて今回受講しました。英語に関しては聞き取りやすく心地よいと感じましたが、残念ながら体験レッスンとしては成功ではないと思います。

08/26 00:11 by 江口 ***

She is a nice teacher. I had a good lesson. 気さくな先生です。

07/06 22:59 by 北野 ***


06/04 09:02 by 長岡 ***

Thank you for the first lesson today. I really enjoyed talking with you because Your story was so exciting. Your voice was clearly so I could hear almost of all. I'm looking forward to next lesson.

05/23 22:29 by 長岡 ***


04/12 15:08 by 橋本 ***

Thank you for great lesson! I can learn a lot of things on her lesson, not only English but also cultural differences and so on .

04/08 23:58 by 黒川 ***

The condition of Roxy's internet was bad, but she took another module for the lesson. She tells me about cultural defferences between the U.K. and Japan, and they are interesting to me. Thank you for the lesson!

03/29 12:16 by 黒川 ***

初めてでしたが、とても良いレッスンでした! いくつかのトピックを出してくれて、それについて話したのですが、まとまらない英語を話しても、意味をくみとってきちんとした文章に直してくれました。ありがとうございました! It was her first lesson for me. It was great! We talked some topics she gave me. When I spoke a sentence which didn't make sense, she made it correct. Thank you very much!

03/20 08:22 by 黒川 ***

Thank you for the lesson. The topic was interesting.

02/27 13:09 by Tak***

thank you for the lesson. It was fun.

02/13 14:15 by Tak***

Thank you for such an enjoyable lesson!

11/24 14:27 by Tak***

Thank you very much for your lesson.

11/13 14:31 by tak***

Her English was a little fast for me,but I was happy to have the oppotunity to talk with a native speaker.

11/08 18:30 by 田中 ***

Thank you very much for your lesson.

10/31 14:30 by tak***

Thank you very much. I enjoy your lesson.

10/30 09:59 by har***

Thank you. It was a useful lesson.

10/25 23:06 by Tak***

Her pronunciation is good, but her speaking is so fast for me. It was very wonderful lesson. See you soon.

10/21 21:25 by sho***

Thank you. She is an good honest teacher.

10/11 18:18 by Tak***

Hi, Thank you very very much. Your lesson is very good!! I 'd like to take your lesson again. See you

10/07 17:34 by myo***

Thank you for your lesson. I enjoyed talking with her. Next time, I would like to study business English with BUSINESS VENTURE 1.

10/05 07:10 by 長谷川***

We requested a trial lesson for our daughter who is a very beginner on September 21. Although Ms. Roxy seemed not to be used teaching English to the beginners like our girl, she conducted lovely English lesson for her. Thank you very much.

09/28 20:35 by 長谷川***

Today, My daughter and my wife continuously had lessons with Ms. Roxy. Both of them have had fun with her lesson and gotten fruit. Thank you so much!

09/23 21:21 by 西澤一***

I appreciate you the lesson for my wife today. She understood not all the contents, but she was satisfied with her "debut" lesson. She was able to learn some kinds of greeting. That's such a great first step! Again, thank you so much.

08/22 23:02 by 西澤一***

Thank you for an interesting conversation. I think her indications much to the point!

08/20 15:22 by Yu***

Chee, big daughter took her lesson again. Chee had small voice, but Ms. Roxy was a lady of patience. Chee has been getting confidence and looking forward to take her lessons. I do appreciate her great teaching!

08/18 23:01 by 西澤一***