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Michael EC

Age : 50 - 59

Sex : male

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Just lean back in your chair at home or the office and enjoy high quality language lessons at reasonable prices. Our booking system is also accessible on Smart Phones including iPhones, Android, and tablet computers. You can easily install SKYPE software on your mobile phone for free and enjoy your lessons from anywhere. I live in Nagano Japan, and have been teaching all age groups for over 10 years. Soon, All the 3rd graders are going to have to study English,,and they only accept American teachers.  I teach business English most of the time.  See you soon !    


Student Evaluation

It was first lesson with teacher Michael Ec yesterday. It was great time. He spoke slowly for me. Thank you! But unfortunately, I couldn't watch his face on screen. Is that normal? I don't know... And It was noisy his back ground. So sometimes It was hard to hear his voice and I couldn't concentrate on the lesson. So I appreciate that if he improve it. But his lesson was so fun and great. I want to take his lesson again! See you next time! Thank you!

05/07 12:49 by Mik***

息子が体験でお話させていただきました。 「何をそんなに楽しそうに話しているの?」と傍でみているこちらまで嬉しくなるくらい マイケル先生はとても明るい授業をしてくださいました。 他のオンライン英会話も試してみて、最後に一番気に入ったところにお世話になるつもりでしたが、息子はすっかりスカイイングリッシュのマイケル先生にお世話になりたいと言っています。 こちらの希望は日曜日のレッスンで、日曜日はレッスンがあるのかな?と心配でしたがそちらのほうも問題なさそうです。

03/22 20:18 by Mas***

小学4年生の娘が初めてレッスンを受けました。 やさしい言葉で、楽しくでき、あっという間に時間がたちました。 娘もよろこんでおり、英語に前向きにとりくめそうです。 つづけていきたいとおもっています。

01/25 16:07 by Rik***

I enjoyed free conversation.He teached me how to make a progress in English.

09/28 16:50 by Eij***

Michael EC teacher has confidence toward business English. I got to undestand his saying,because he replaced it with plain simple expression、and he was also hunorous very much. Michal EC先生は、ビジネス英語に自信を持っておられます。 簡単かつシンプルな表現で話してくれるので、とてもわかりすく、またユーモアを交え楽しく話してくれます。

09/15 13:51 by Nor***

Thank you for your today's lesson. I learned the skills about conversation.

09/07 12:07 by Eij***

Thank you for your lesson.I really enjoyed the lesson.

08/31 23:11 by Eij***


08/16 10:03 by 長岡 ***

Thank you very much for various types of useful information! I hope I can do my best!!

08/07 19:41 by Tak***

Thank you for your lesson. It gets very humid recently in our area. Take care of yourself. See you.

07/13 19:56 by 長谷川***

Thank you for your lesson. I always feel that your lessons pass by like a flash. See you soon.

07/06 20:46 by 長谷川***

Thank you for your lesson last night. I had a good time He is very nice teacher. He must help me to improve my English skill.

07/04 23:01 by 北野 ***

Thank you for your fun Engilsh lesson. My daughter learned to say "I'm great" when someone ask her "How are you?" (She knows only "I'm fine" as text book.) Thank you!

06/29 11:07 by 長谷川***

Thank you for your lesson. We enjoyed your lesson as usual. My daughter really likes you. Thank you. See you next lesson.

06/22 10:34 by 長谷川***

Thank you for your lesson. See you next lesson.

06/21 21:21 by 長谷川***

Thank you for your lesson! You had much energy! So did my daughter! Your lesson was fan as usual. Thank you. See you next lesson.

06/15 21:28 by 長谷川***

Thank you for your enjoyable lesson. Maichel's lesson covers a broad range of topics which i am interested in. He presents more convincing arguments. So, i get drawn into his argument.

04/28 20:31 by Yu***

Thank you for your lesson! I'm proud of you and my daughter. Thank you!

04/20 14:31 by 長谷川***


04/14 13:47 by 新山友***

Thank you for your lesson! I am sure my daughter really likes you and your lesson. Of course, so do I. Thank you.

04/13 21:38 by 長谷川***

Thank you for worth information by your lesson. His information is really practical and help me understand complex concept. I think practical information is the only thing to solve the problem we concern.

04/08 11:33 by Yu***

Thank you for your lesson. Our text book, LET'S GO #1, is almost going to finish. Would you please return to the first page for her review? I am sure it is very important and necessary for her to repeat again and again. Thank you.

04/06 10:37 by 長谷川***

Thank you for your lesson. I am sure that repeating is very important because her English improves with each repetition. Thank you!

03/30 10:40 by 長谷川***

Thank you for your lesson. Your lesson was always great and fun:). Thank you.

03/24 22:12 by 長谷川***

Thank you for teaching brilliant idea and tactic with respect to solving my problems. I understand that his tactic is concerned with the importance of serendipity. We could learn valuable information in his every lesson.

03/24 11:22 by Yu***

I had really good time of lesson. thanks to teacher Michael Ec US. Michael Ec US is excellent teacher also.

03/18 12:00 by tan***

Thank you for your lesson. I don't know if her English is getting better or not, but I am sure that she enjoys your lesson every time. Thank you!

03/17 08:31 by 長谷川***

Hi, as always, it was a great pleasure taking your lesson. Time flies ! Although We intended to have "R"sound lesson, we enjoyed talking on the controversial issue instead ? Anyway, I really appreciated your clear instruction and solid lesson. See you the day after tomorrow!

03/11 21:53 by YOS***

Thank you for your lesson. We were so glad to see you again. My daughter really enjoyed your lesson. Thank you. See you next lesson.

03/09 10:40 by 長谷川***

Hi, Michael It was great taking your lesson ! It was the first time for me to join your lesson, but I've never had such an interesting, enjoyable and meaningful lesson before. The next time, I'll try "R", "L" pronunciation. I'm really looking foward to seeing you !

03/08 18:25 by YOS***